Paula’s story


Hello, my name is Paula.  I am the Communications & Community Project Officer for Three Parishes Big Local and I have worked for Qube for four years.  You can find out more about how local people in Weston Rhyn, St Martins and Gobowen are benefitting from this project by going to

Before working for Qube I worked for Shropshire Council as a business & events coordinator.

A typical day at Qube involves me in working with community groups and organisations, helping them to promote themselves.  This can be assisting with poster design or promoting their activities via social media. I produce a monthly leaflet called the ‘Messenger’.  This showcases events / activities and / or opportunities that are happening in or available to residents in St Martins, Gobowen or Weston Rhyn.

I work closely with Bridget and Cath as we are all part of the Big Local team.  However, being a social butterfly (some may say nosey), I work with the rest of the Qube team too as there’s a lot going on that could also benefit the Big Local communities.

The thing I love most about my role is the people.  I love working with people and being able to help. The community where is live is very important to me and I want to help to make it a great place to live, to bring up children as well as be a safe place for my parents to see out their retirement.

The things I miss most about working at Qube (as normal) are the team – I miss my work friends very much and the randomness of our conversations!

The first thing I’m going to do when things get back to ‘normal’ is – brace yourselves Qube staff….. give out Paula hugs – I miss these!! Then I will have a cup of tea and a biscuit !!!!

Oh, and my favourite biscuit of all times is bourbon…. Oh, actually maybe chocolate digestive…. oh no maybe chunky cookie….. sorry I would have to have one of each!

And, my top three lock-down songs are

  1. Definitely ‘From Now On’ Greatest Showman
  2. Mika makes me smile – especially Grace Kelly and Love today
  3. Jamie Webster – he’s been a lockdown favourite for us all


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