Peter’s story


Hello, my name is Peter, Qube’s schools & community bus driver and a volunteer car driver. I have worked for Qube for just over three years. Before working for Qube I worked as a transport manager and a production planner for a large plastics company, as well as having a variety of factory roles.

A typical day at Qube involves me arriving at the yard, looking over the vehicle to check it’s safe to drive.  I’m also responsible for ensuring that all the vehicles are clean and tidy- inside and out! Once I’m satisfied I will collect the children and take them to their school. At the end of the day I make sure they are safely collected and dropped home.  I really enjoy chatting to the children, we do maths and spelling on the bus most journeys!

In between school runs I will also be driving the community bus or taking elderly or vulnerable people for hospital/doctor appointments in my car.  I find that chatting with people helps to brighten their day, and mine.

I work closely with Michelle and Tim in the Dial-A-Ride office as well as the volunteer drivers and passenger assistants.

I’ve made being at home fun by constantly winding my partner up! I’ve also been out on my bike a lot and for walks, together with games of cricket and football in the park.

The things I miss most about working at Qube (as normal) are most definitely the interactions and banter with the office staff and volunteers. We all have such a great laugh.

The first thing I’m going to do when things get back to ‘normal’ is visit my family in Kent.

I confess to eating most biscuits so it’s difficult to choose a favourite!

And, as for lockdown favourites, I very rarely listen to music. I much prefer watching football, boxing and darts.


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