Sophie’s story


Hello.  My name is Sophie. I have worked for Qube for nearly four years. In fact, I first joined Qube as an apprentice when I was 17 and have stayed ever since. Now I’m Qube’s Business Administrator.  I might be the first person you meet when you come through our doors at Qube HQ, which is why a big part of my job is meeting and greeting customers, or, the person who answers your telephone call.

Qube receives a lot of phone calls with enquiries about all sorts of things from booking courses and rooms, information and advice. Mostly we can help but if not, we will direct you to other organisations who can.

The breadth of enquiries means that I work closely with all staff at Qube. It’s important for me to know everything that’s going on within our building (and that’s a lot!) to deliver the best service possible for our customers.

The best parts of my job are interacting with you all, working with Qube staff and volunteers and helping so many people day to day. I’m really missing working with everyone and seeing all our regular and new customers.

Just to reassure you – I’m still answering all the phone calls even though I’m working from home.  I am hearing a lot about all the lovely meals you are preparing and the cakes you are baking!  We have some experts cooks and chefs in the making.

When I’m not working, I’m listening to lots of music (see my favourites later) and my radio!  Once we can all meet up again, I am looking forward to seeing all my family.

My favourite biscuit of all times? Hmm it’s difficult to choose between custard creams and bourbons.

My top three lock-down songs are by

  1. Beyonce
  2. Anderson Paak
  3. The Fratellis


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