Susie’s story


Hello!  My name is Susie. I am the Volunteering Officer and I have worked for Qube for 18 months. I work closely with Sophie (who you may often meet at Qube’s reception) and a wonderful volunteer, Debbie, who comes in weekly to help with the Volunteer Plus section on the Qube website ( The thing I love most about my role is my colleagues, they are vital for support and morale.

Before working for Qube I worked with volunteers in a hospice, facilitating activities for patients. I have also worked in health and social care, supporting parents with young children and vulnerable adults and been a foster carer.

A typical day at Qube is a busy one!  Communicating with everyone is important so, I have a lot of emails to deal with and colleagues to update. I check Volunteer Plus for new registrations and contact everyone, sometimes directing them to one of our registered organisations who need volunteers.

There are regular meetings with potential volunteers to register them on the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme. This project provides pre-employment support for disadvantaged people aged 19 and over who are not in work.  Participants can receive training, education or volunteering opportunities to prepare them for employment.  I get satisfaction from seeing their confidence increase, improvements in wellbeing and progress in whatever they want to achieve.

I’ve made working from home fun by listening to the radio – a mix of chat and music, taking regular breaks – I go into my garden for fresh air and exercise. I’m lucky to have my cat for company. It’s good to connect with colleagues on Zoom for our twice weekly updates and sharing.

The things I miss most about working at Qube are being with my colleagues and coffee time. I miss the chat and banter, the mix of personalities and catching up on their social life and families. I find this encouraging and helps work to flow. Coffee time is a shared experience – each of us offering to make and deliver drinks for each other. It’s very much a team effort and there are often biscuits involved. I’m not a massive biscuit eater, but when I do I’ll go for a plain digestive or a plain chocolate digestive.

The first thing I’m going to do when things get back to ‘normal’ is give my colleagues a smile and a hug.

I don’t have any specific songs I’m listening to.  I listen to the radio, live gigs by individuals/small duos/groups on fb or YouTube eg Jive dance music, spiritual devotional songs or world music.


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