Vicki’s story


Hello. My name is Victoria but people at work tend to call me Vicki. I am the Social Group and Befriending/Shopping Service Co-ordinator and I have worked for Qube for seven years. Before working for Qube I spent time working in Education Recruitment and looking after children in care.

A typical day at Qube involves me talking to lots of people! Our social groups have over 60 members and I’ve got to know every single one of them – it’s a job keeping up with them! We meet every week on Tuesdays (with a second group meeting on Thursdays) so I plan our Tuesday groups well in advance, spending a lot of time searching for new and exciting activities for everyone to do.

I also run our befriending and shopping services, so you’ll see me whizzing in and out of the office to support our fantastic team of volunteers who visit people in the community.

I work closely with Bella who has recently joined us to help expand our services. Bella runs the social group on Thursdays and helps me to co-ordinate our other services.  While Qube HQ has been closed we have made sure that we keep in contact with everyone by phone.

Meeting a wide range of amazing people is a wonderful part of my role! I’ve made friends of all ages. I love hearing stories of what growing up in different generations was like. Older people have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and never cease to surprise me. We also eat plenty of cake which is a bonus! It’s really rewarding to help people make the connections that they may otherwise never get the chance to form. I’ve seen so many friendships blossom – it’s an absolute joy J.

The things I miss most about working at Qube (as normal) are the constant cups of tea! Someone is always making tea at Qube and, of course, just seeing and chatting with people – it’s such a big part of my job so being at home without that is extremely difficult. We don’t know yet when we’ll be able to gather our groups together again so when Qube opens its doors I’m planning for everyone to get creative and continue to keep the group connected.

The first thing I’m going to do when things get back to ‘normal’ is give my children to their grandparents for a week! Then take a trip to the beach, have family BBQs and hug everyone J.

My favourite biscuit of all times is a chocolate hobnob.

My top three lock-down songs are

  1. From Eden – Hozier
  2. Shiver – Coldplay
  3. Arizona – Kings of Leon


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