Stockist Spotlight: Charlotte Tisdale

Charlotte Tisdale Illustrator

Stockist Spotlight: Charlotte Tisdale

We have a new stockist in town and this time it’s the wonderful Charlotte Tisdale! We caught up with Charlotte to find out more about her work, her inspiration, and a little bit about herself.

Tell us a bit about your work

I’m a little bit old school and love to work in my sketchbook first before drawing up my designs on my iPad. I love the mix of handmade and drawn elements to digital work as it adds texture and character to my illustrations.  You’ll notice the majority of my portfolio features pastel tones to create soft, appealing illustrations, I often feel that this treatment brings warmth and a sense of calm to more sensitive subjects. That said, I generally like to keep my work a little bit silly to add a sense of character to my illustrations.

What’s your inspiration?
My illustrations tend to be inspired by nice colours and nature, I guess. Nature is significant in my illustrations as the outdoors and everything it brings is very important to me. If you have a browse through my collection you’ll notice that my illustrations often feature animals or people in nature.

Tell us about yourself
I’m a freelance illustrator born & raised in Shrewsbury. After doing art and design at college, I went to the University of Hertfordshire to study illustration.

Since graduating, I have moved back to Shrewsbury, where I’ve been lucky enough to work on a variety of projects including; branding, editorial, surface design, and narrative commissions. More recently, I was enlisted to create several murals in and around town which was a really exciting project.

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about Charlotte, we can’t wait for you to pop in and check out her collection.