Stockist Spotlight: Gisela Robinson

Stockist Spotlight: Gisela Robinson

We’ve taken receipt of some gorgeous pieces from one of our favourite illustrators and stockists, Gisela Robinson. What better than taking a nosey of her wonderful illustrated collection than getting to know the artist herself. We caught up with Gisela to learn a little bit about her, how she came about her artistic talent and her inspiration behind her art.

What is it you find interesting about the materials and methods you use in your work?

I enjoy working with different media, so I like to choose the media based on what I believe would suit each illustration. Amongst my favourite media are watercolour, acrylic, gouache and digital. I also like making mini-colour tests to choose from. I love seeing how the same picture looks with different colours and lighting; they can communicate such different feelings.  While I always have an idea in my head, sometimes the illustration has its own ideas and it surprises me.

What is the inspiration behind your artwork?

Books, stories, nature, people, animals, landscapes, seasons, trips, ideas, feelings, ecology… there is so much inspiration around! My illustrations all have a little story behind them. Sometimes, it is just an anecdote, whilst in others I show my views towards matters that are important to me such as looking after our planet or caring for animals. Some illustrations represent a moment in my life, a memory of my children, or a special place. However, most viewers make the piece their own and see themselves there, and this is the moment when the cycle completes itself and it all comes together.

Tell us a bit about you

I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied Social Communications and worked for 10 years in Communications for an international finance group. Then I moved to London with my Salopian husband and we travelled the world for his job, before settling in Shrewsbury with our three children and our dog four years ago. During our time abroad, I trained as an illustrator, studied for a Masters’s degree in Editorial Illustration in Madrid and worked as a freelance illustrator for different clients.  Now I work for a range of clients including international children’s magazines, book publishers, the council, local shops and private clients doing editorial work and murals. I also make my own illustrations and produce prints, cards and other products that are sold in beautiful shops in Shropshire, including Qube.

We’re so lucky to be able to stock Gisela’s gorgeous products! Make sure you pop in to browse her collection.