Volunteer Week 2023

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Volunteer Week 2023

Volunteer Week is a dedicated period of time that is celebrated all across the UK to celebrate the efforts and contributions of volunteers in various communities. While Volunteer Week may vary in different regions, it typically involves organising events, activities, and initiatives to honour and appreciate volunteers for their selfless service.

Celebrating Volunteer Week is incredibly important to us here at Qube as our Dial-a-Ride service and our Social Groups would be impossible to run if we didn’t have the support of our wonderful volunteers. Each year they collectively give thousands of hours of their own time to help those who need it and their work has a life-changing impact on those we work with every day.

It’s an important occasion to recognise as it allows us to firstly appreciate how all volunteers make invaluable contributions and promote a culture of giving back to society, but most importantly to celebrate how volunteers really do make a positive difference to their communities and openly foster a spirit of community engagement and social responsibility, whilst connecting with other like-minded individuals.

We’ll be using this week to post the stories of some of our wonderful volunteers, share our latest volunteering opportunities, and detail what we do to celebrate Volunteer Week so make sure you’re following.

Last but not least, we’d like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to every single one of our volunteers, past and present, for all of their contributions to Qube’s services – we couldn’t do it without you!