TeamWorks Employee Volunteering

Would you like to engage your employees, benefit your company and help your local community? Teamworks is a Qube initiative that brings together local businesses and community organisations to create corporate volunteering opportunities.

Qube has over twenty years of experience in the volunteer sector. We offer a brokerage service for local businesses wanting to take advantage of tailored corporate volunteering packages in Shropshire and the Border counties.

The benefits of corporate volunteering
Research has shown the positive impact of volunteer participation for employees and businesses. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Employee engagement and morale
    Group volunteering activity can help to improve communication and trust between team members, helping to build a stronger, happier, workforce.
  • Greater visibility and awareness
    Making links with the local community through volunteering can help raise your profile in a positive light. The local press, radio and TV are always on the lookout for positive news stories and volunteering will make a fantastic ‘feel good’ story your website, newsletter and social media profile to get your business up in the ratings.
  • Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    Corporate social responsibility practices are initiatives that benefit society at large. Signing up to corporate volunteering activity gives out a clear message that your business cares about its people and the wider community and not just about profit.

What does Teamworks provide?
We provide you with a complete, customised package to suit your corporate volunteering requirements that includes:

  • Identifying a community partner organisation
  • Completing all Health & Safety Risk Assessments
  • Ensuring relevant DBS checks are in place
  • Sourcing/procuring any materials or equipment
  • Ensuring all insurances are in place

Teamworks will also manage your entire event in full, so all staff can step back and take part. Our customised service includes:

  • Volunteer briefing
  • Presentation from partner organisation
  • Health and Safety talks for tools and Equipment
  • Providing lunch and refreshment
  • Photographing the event
  • Preparation of a press release for you and your partner organisation to contact local media

For an informal discussion about how Teamworks can help your business please call us on:

01691 656882 or email